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Carolyn began using Brain Gym with dyslexic students while she was teaching, She then qualified as an Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym Consultant. As you can see on this website this then led on to other related courses and then most recently animal therapy.

This was begun to support her elderly dog who had just had a stroke. Her positive response to Reiki inspired Carolyn to continue training to qualify as a member of the Rose Association of Animal and Human Therapists.

Carolyn now enjoys working with a variety of animals and people of all ages, travelling throughout Central Hampshire


Kinesiology Federation Recognised Practitioner
Brain Gym® Consultant
Rhythmic Movement Training Provider
Touch for Health Proficient
Reiki Master Practitioner with Advanced Healing Skills for People and Animals

How many sessions will I need?

A first Edu-K / Brain Gym or Touch for Health session usually lasts for about an hour and a half and is followed up about three weeks or a month later by a shorter session. Sometimes a short series of sessions is needed.

Rhythmic Movement Training sessions are about the same length. These movements needs to be practised daily, but won't take up more than ten minutes. Clients may need to continue practising a selection of exercises for about a year to gain the most benefit from them. Sessions are spaced about 4-6 weeks apart.

Moving Numeracy is an approach to Maths tuition, so lessons take place weekly for an hour.

What should I wear?

Comfortable trousers mean that you will be able to move easily.

Useful Links


This site gives detailed information about Brain Gym, including its development and description of a session as well as including a list of UK consultants and courses.

This site gives a full description of the RMT approach and childhood reflexes.

Dr Harald Blomberg is the originator of the RMT movements. This site contain detailed information about its development and how he has used this approach to help adults and children with learning disabilities.

This gives details of courses for parents and teachers who wish to learn the Moving Numeracy approach

The Hampshire Dyslexia Association provides a telephone helpline for queries about dyslexia, holds regular meetings and maintains a list of specialised private tutors.

The Wessex Dyslexia Programme provides structured, multi-sensory teaching and is based in Ringwood

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