Mind and Movement

Rhythmic Movement Training

These movements are very gentle, as they are based on the developmental movements that babies make. Harald Blomberg, a Swedish psychiatrist, developed them about twenty five years ago and has used them very successfully with a wide variety of clients whose progress is described very clearly on his website.

If, for some reason, early developmental movements or reflex patterns, have not taken place at the right time, or been interrupted, difficulties with learning, co-ordination and posture, concentration, self-awareness or behaviour may occur. You can find out more about these reflexes, how they develop and affect us here

Rhythmic Movement Training is suitable for children and adults. The simple movements, which often involve rocking and rolling, do need to be practised consistently over a period of time. Often a parent or carer starts the programme by helping the person make the movements.

Despite their simplicity these movements can make amazing changes.

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